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Contemplative Cosmology: Sitting with the Stars

  • Location: Monterey Bay Meditation Studio, Online,
  • Phone: (831) 373-1017
  • Time: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Price: $10
  • Description:

    A Guided Evocation of Deeptime Perspective

    When was the last time you created the space for star-gazing -- to sit or lie down on the Earth and let your mind wander into the spaciousness of the night sky? For thousands of years, human beings have engaged in contemplative relationship with the light of other suns that travels up to 16,308 light years and is seen by the naked eye. Engaging this relationship has evoked countless insights, reflections and inspirations.

    As the stars are setting in the Eastern US and rising on the West Coast, astronomer and author Stephan Martin (located in North Carolina), along with meditation teacher and psychotherapist Marianne Rowe (located in California), invite you to turn your attention to the mystery of the cosmos as a way of opening the door to expanded perspective and universe of possibility.

    Beginning with a reflection on our place in the Milky Way galaxy, we deepen our sensing of the origin and nature of the magnificent universe that surrounds us. Through guided meditation and contemplation, we open our hearts and minds through the wonder, beauty and mystery of the winter night sky. Through silence and sharing, we expand our perspective from present time to deeptime, which includes a view of distant past and infinite future.

    Through an audio-only Zoom call, we gather together for a simultaneous individual and collective experience of meditation, contemplation, and reflection that offers a different relationship to the multiple fields of transition and change in which we sit right now.

    And, as a bonus teaching of impermanence, we will be sitting beneath the Northern Taurid Meteor Shower, so there might be an opportunity or two to wish on a "falling star." Grab a blanket and use your phone to connect to Zoom for this outdoor experience of reflection and sharing.



    7:00 - 8:30 PM (PACIFIC)


    This event meets online via Zoom.

    This experience is being offered for $10 registration fee. If you feel inspired to contribute additional funds through a Gift Economy donation, we certainly appreciate it.




529 Central Ave Ste 201A, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

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