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Group: Cultivating Spirituality

  • Location: Monterey Bay Meditation Studio, Virtual Event,
  • Phone: (831) 373-1017
  • Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Price: $450
  • Description:

    “What is my spirituality?” 

    For many people, this question is both appealing and daunting. 

    What should I be doing?  How do I know if I am doing it “right”? Where do I even start?

    This group is designed to be a place where you can explore the idea of spirituality and develop a personal sense of what this means for you. You will be guided through discussions, meditations and creative experiential exercises to support you in cultivating your own understanding of spirituality and its role in your life.

    This group is also a place to explore and develop spiritual practices that fit with your life.  Over the course of this series, we will focus on different universal means of invoking a spiritual connection such as personal communication/prayer, meditation practices, ritual and ceremony.  We will consider the role of things that historically play a part in spiritual practices such as nature, the elements, seasons, art, clothing/adornment, symbols/statues, food, etc. This group will provide a safe, non-judgemental and encouraging environment for you to “try on” ideas for spiritual practice to discover what resonates for you and awakens your capacity for feeling spiritually connected.

    ***Please note: This group is experiential in nature and relies heavily on active participation and, at times, discussion/feedback. Also, due to the nature of our exploration (spirituality), it is important to Jenn to create an environment that feels safe, sacred and connected, just as if we were in person and in the same physical space together.

    Because of this, Jenn does expect that anyone who signs up for the series is willing to attend with their video on and in an environment where each member can focus, respect other group members’ privacy by limiting background noise, and actively participate. If you are more interested in the type of experience where you stay muted and anonymous while simply absorbing information being taught, this group is NOT for you (and we hope you do find something that suits your style of learning!).***

    SERIES TWO: MAY 10, 17, 24, JUNE 7, 14, 21, 28, JULY 5, 12, 19

    This series focuses specifically on the exploration of ritual and ceremony as a means of practicing spirituality. Each week, group members will be guided through different ways of experiencing both ritual and ceremony that can be practiced regardless of specific spiritual beliefs.  Group members will also be encouraged to explore ways they can bring ritual and ceremony into their lives, feeling confident in their capacity to create a sacred experience for themselves.

    Deepening Spirituality- Deepening your personal conceptualization of spirituality and addressing stuck points blocking spiritual connection

    Ritual- Exploring ritual as means of deepened intentional communication with spiritual world

    Ceremony- Creating personally relevant ceremony and experiencing spirituality in community




    MONDAYS, 6:00 - 8:00 PM


    If paying in two installments would support you in taking part in this offering, please email

    This course meets online via Zoom, with additional components on our online community platform. When you register, we’ll send you the details to access the session on Zoom.




529 Central Ave Ste 201A, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

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