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ONLINE Choosing Earth: An Experiential Book Study Group

Monterey Bay Meditation Studio Virtual Event, , 93950
February 17, 2022
  • Location: Monterey Bay Meditation Studio, Virtual Event,
  • Phone: (831) 373-1017
  • Time: 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Price: $125
  • Description:

    Our planetary eco-system -- Earth -- is in crisis. Because we play a defining role in this eco-system and its present state, how we respond right now directly determines how things are going to unfold and what the outcome will be. In this 7-week course, with Duane Elgin’s recently revised book as a guide, we explore the crisis and the opportunity that we have before us to change where we are headed.

    Based on a lifetime of research and a decade of community organizing by the author, Choosing Earth is an unvarnished look at the reality of our world in crisis and an invitation for us to actively shape our future rather than be passive victims of denial and delay.

    What is happening in our relationship with Earth?

    What choices of response are available to us?

    What impact can our responses have?

    What action can we take that matters?

    Choosing Earth takes us on a journey that extends a half-century into the future to explore our world in a time of unprecedented transition. This book of science and vision illuminates deep psychological, spiritual and ecological changes that are already underway, and examines the potential for humanity’s journey through breakdown to a more sustainable planetary community.

    With the curriculum created by Duane and Coleen Elgin and the Choosing Earth Team, we engage deep inquiry, mindful discussion, experiential investigation, and simple homework activities to explore, process, and identify where we are and what we can do to cultivate lasting change, individually and globally. Each class focuses on building a container that supports sharing, reflecting, and digesting this visionary and, at times, challenging material.

    As part of our 7-week journey through the book, Duane and Coleen will join us for conversation about the book and Coleen’s film Facing Adversity: Choosing Earth, Choosing Life, as well as exploration of practical and potent responsive action. Attending all classes is strongly suggested to integrate the full arc of this powerful exploration.

    The scientific material and projections that we address in this course can be quite challenging. To get an idea of what we’ll be addressing, watch Coleen Elgin’s documentary Facing Adversity: Choosing Earth, Choosing Life. If you have additional questions, please contact the course facilitator, Marianne Rowe. Marianne has studied Choosing Earth and trained with Duane, Coleen, and the Choosing Earth Team to lead this Book Study Group.

    “This may be the perfect moment for so prophetic a voice to be heard. Sobered by the pandemic, we are recognizing both the fragility of our political arrangements and the power of our mutual belonging. As Elgin knows, we already possess the essential ingredient -- our capacity to choose.” 

    - Joanna Macy

    “A truly essential book for our time -- from one of the greatest and deepest thinkers of our time. Whoever is concerned to create a better future for the human family must read this book -- and take to heart the wisdom it offers.”

    - Ervin Laszlo

    Choosing Earth is the most powerful and inspiring book that I’ve read about understanding what is happening in the eco-system of Earth and the choice that we have in order to change our way of being in relationship with all beings. This choice changes the trajectory that we are on.”

    - Marianne Rowe 

    5:30-7:00 PM PACIFIC

    This course meets online via Zoom. When you register, we’ll invite you to our online group for the course.

    Limited to 12 Participants

    Thursdays, Feb. 17, 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24, April 7
    Friday March 25 (Conversation with Duane & Coleen Elgin)
    5:30-7:00 pm Pacific

    $180 Name: Choosing Earth - Supporter (I want to offer more support to this important work.)
    $125 Name: Choosing Earth - Regular (I can pay at the regular level.)
    $75 Name: Choosing Earth - Partial Scholarship (Money is tight. I can pay at this level.)
    Partial and full scholarships are available.
    Please contact Marianne to discuss this option.
    15% of fees collected will be donated to the Choosing Earth Project 




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