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We Create Art Festival 2021

City of Sand City Streets of Sand City , Sand City, CA 93955
Aug 23 - 29 2021
  • Location: City of Sand City, Streets of Sand City , Sand City, CA
  • Description:

    we. is more than a mural festival - it’s a creative gathering created by artists, for artists.

    we. is a week long street and public art installation in the West End, focused on bringing two artists together on one wall to celebrate and merge their individual styles and create unique public masterpieces for all to enjoy.  Onlookers can expect to see a variety of mural styles and perspectives, and even witness the creative process in action, as artists will begin creating their pieces on August 23, 2021. For more information visit

    12 artists will collaborate with each other on 6 walls throughout Sand City, CA over the course of a week; creating unique pieces of art that express their personal voices and tell their stories. The artwork will then live on as permanent pieces that create an open-air gallery for all to enjoy for years to come.

    Come join us (socially distanced of course) and watch the artists paint live all while exploring the beautiful coastline and beaches, eating delicious food, surfing and everything else Sand City has to offer.

    We will be announcing the 2021 artists over the next month or so, check back for updates and follow us on Instagram/Facebook!

    August 23 - 29, 2021



Sand City

1Sylvan Park, Sand City, CA 93955

Sand City is a Charter City with a 5-member City Council.…

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