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Camp SEA Lab

100 Campus Center Building 42, Seaside, CA 93955

Hey Kids, dive into the summer with Camp SEA Lab! Spend your summer getting in, out and around the water along Monterey Bay. You can join Camp SEA Lab for a week of hands-on experiential opportunities exploring the marine environment.

Campers will have the opportunity to explore our rocky coast and sandy shores, discover marine life, and investigate the diverse web of life that calls the ocean its home. Travel along the coast and discover how you too can become an ambassador of the ocean and ride the wave into a great summer experience.

  • Work side by side with professionals who help protect the ocean
  • Get up close to the animals that call the central coast home
  • Explore tide pools and the creatures that are able to live there
  • Hike through some of the most breathtaking scenery that makes our coast unique
  • Enjoy water sport adventures such as kayaking, surfing or sailing with trained guides
  • Spend the week on a college campus and see where your future can take you

Camp SEA Lab offers week-long day camps for ages 8-13, resident camp programs for ages 10-16 as well as teen adventures for ages 13-17. Each week of the summer has a specialized theme, so find those that match your areas of interest by visiting

  • Age Range: 8-17
  • Maximum Group Size:
  • Seasonal:
Activities & Tours
  • Boating/Kayaking:
  • Hiking Tours:
  • Nature Tour:
  • Sailing:
  • Whale Watching:
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