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Monterey Bay Seaweeds

Moss Landing, Moss Landing, CA 95039

Monterey Bay Seaweeds cultivates west coast dulse, sea lettuce and ogo, which are all delicious additions to bar menus, culinary preparations as well as desserts. While chefs can experiment with taste, texture and colors, innovative bartenders are diving into infusions, elixirs and broths bringing unexpected dimensions to classic cocktails. Pastry chefs are exploring sweet and savory offerings while using the seaweed to bring out other flavors, harnessing the umami qualities as well as the power of seaweed in emulsions, creams and baked goods.

Though seaweeds have been harvested and used as food for thousands of years they have all but been forgotten when it comes to the current culinary landscape. Now, with a ready supply of fresh, raw seaweeds from Monterey Bay, chefs are re-discovering this incredibly diverse ingredient. Seaweed is back in the kitchen.

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