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Monterey History & Art Association

5 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, CA 93940

The Monterey History and Art Association…..sharing the histories and the diverse legacies of people, stories, and places that continue to shape Monterey. “A museum is not about its collections, but about the conversations it holds with its constituents” From its founding in 1931, the Monterey History & Art Association’s primary mission has been to help preserve the irreplaceable reminders of Monterey’s colorful heritage. Over the past seven decades, the Association has worked closely with the City of Monterey, the California Department of Parks and Recreation, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and other agencies. As a result, more old adobes have been preserved and restored in Monterey than anywhere else in California.

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  • Largest Room 1
  • Total Sq. Ft. 1

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