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Roy’s Swiss Sausage Factory

40821 E. Cherry Ave, Greenfield, CA 93927

Roy's Swiss Sausage Factory: this immaculate little factory stands proudly at the rear of the property where Roy grew up. His father, the late Henry Richina, was a Swiss immigrant. He owned and operated a meat processing business. Roy began learning the business at age 7.

"I started working with my dad before I was 8." he said. "First just sweeping and cleaning, and then later cutting meats and making sausage." Turned out, Roy had a real talent for that. One that over the years he has developed into a fine art.

Making good Swiss Sausage is not simply a matter of stuffing casing with meat, wine and spices. Richina approaches the task with the reverence of an ancient alchemist. He stuffs his sausage with 75 percent pork and 25 percent sirloin tip, a choice cut. "I want the good stuffing and I've got the best." Richina says. He adds precise measurements of wine, sugar and a few different spices. The exact formula is his jealously guarded secret!

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