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Schoch Family Farmstead

662 El Camino Real, Salinas, CA 93907

Established in 1944, Schoch Dairy is located on the famed El Camino Real in the fertile Salinas Valley. Brothers Adolph and Ernest emigrated from Switzerland and found their way to California, establishing a family farmstead where they could continue the work they knew best: dairying. At that time, hundreds of small dairies dotted the Salinas Valley, where rich soil and the temperate coastal climate provide ideal conditions for grazing and milk production.

Over the years, not much has changed on Schoch Dairy. The morning milking still starts before the sun rises over the Gabilan Mountains, and the cows still graze on pastures dampened by fog drifting east from Monterey Bay.

Today, Schoch Dairy is one of only a few family dairies remaining in Monterey County. Milking less than 80 purebred Holstein cows, the Schoch family have held true to their commitment to “quality over quantity”. John Schoch, 2nd generation dairyman, literally takes a hands-on approach to running his business while doing most of the milkings himself. This keeps him connected to his herd, allowing him to be more insightful in managing herd health along with a more effective feeding and breeding program. In addition, his 3 sons are all involved with the family business to varying degrees, some having day jobs to help pay student loans or home mortgages.

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