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Search Party by The Sea LLC

Monterey, Monterey, CA 93940

Search Party by the Sea LLC provides scavenger hunts for couples and families on the Monterey Peninsula. It is perfect for groups of 2-5 people. Each "Hunt" consists of roughly 20 questions and you will travel approximately 2 miles. Your team earns points based on how well you answer the questions ( tiebreakers are determined by time ). Prizes will be given out to the first place finishers of each "Hunt" after Labor Day, from one of our local spotlighted businesses! Come explore Monterey a whole new way! You can do this on your schedule. You can do this on the way to the Aquarium or on your way back from your Whale Watching tour. This is a great way to explore the Monterey Peninsula, whether it's your first visit or your second home. Good old fashioned family fun, new and improved!

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