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Treasure Hunt: The Ride

700 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940

Voted "Top Ten Best New Attraction" by USA Today! Embark on 'Treasure Hunt: The Ride,' a captivating, pirate-themed ride-through experience found only in Monterey's Cannery Row. This award-winning attraction uniquely blends the exhilaration of a theme park adventure with the interactive fun of a family-friendly game. Dive into a journey through mystical hidden caverns, echoing the rich maritime history of Monterey Bay. As you explore the elaborate maze of subterranean tunnels, engage with cutting-edge interactive devices to uncover secret treasures and bravely confront spectral pirates. The entire journey, including an immersive queue line and a dynamic pre-show, transports you to the heart of an epic pirate tale, seamlessly intertwining Monterey's historical legacy with modern entertainment. Ideal for family outings, school groups, and team-building events, 'Treasure Hunt: The Ride' is a premier destination for those seeking adventurous escapades in Monterey Bay and is a must-see among Monterey's top family attractions.

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