With plenty of picturesque indoor and outdoor spaces, Monterey County is the ideal locale for your next corporate meeting or conference. This uniquely beautiful setting also brings with it another opportunity: the chance to give back to the land and do some good for the community. That's why adding a social responsibility aspect to corporate events is a popular choice for companies that come to Monterey County. And the region is full of local organizations with volunteer programs that make the whole process simple and rewarding. Here are a few organizations that event planners will want to check out:

  • The Offset Project: If you aren't mindful, meetings can generate a great deal of waste. That's where the Offset Project comes in. This Monterey-based organization provides recycling and composting programs so that you can make your meeting zero waste. They provide plentiful resources and hands-on support to make setup and execution easy. 
  • Save Our Shores: A visit to Monterey County isn't complete without some time spent on its beautiful beaches. But keeping these beaches pristine takes time and manpower. That's why Save Our Shores is committed to regular beach cleanups. Sign up as a corporate group and incorporate a sunny and rewarding volunteer event into your meeting. 
    Pebble Beach
  • Elkhorn Slough Foundation: What makes volunteering in Monterey County so special is the way it puts you right into nature with hands-on outdoor activities. Working with the Elkhorn Slough Foundation enables your group to work on preserving a habitat that hundreds of specials of plants, animals, and birds call home. Gardening, wetland preservation, and trail maintenance are just a few of the activities your group will work on.
    Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve  
  • Return of the Natives Restoration Education Project: The Return of the Natives project's mission is to "bring nature closer to people and bring people closer to nature" through habitat restoration. And with programs for large groups, your next corporate event can lend a hand to varied local ecosystems. 
  • Pass It On Please: The various events and trade shows that occur in Monterey County often feature plenty of surplus materials — I mean who hasn't left a trade show with all sorts of swag? Pass It On Please reroutes these extra items away from landfills and into the hands of people who could truly use them. They're a great way to make sure your event reduces waste and also gives back to the community. 

Looking for a comprehensive online resource to connect you with other volunteer options in Monterey County? Giving Good should be one of the first places you look when organizing your event’s community outreach program. They feature a complete list of volunteer organizations across categories like habitat restoration, goods collection, and community kit preparation.

Monterey County's natural beauty and rich cultural history make it an ideal event space — and also produces plenty of opportunities for giving back. After all, the region's various habitats and historical landmarks demand restoration and upkeep. So the next time you're organizing a corporate event in Monterey County, consider taking steps to make your meeting more sustainable while also encouraging team building through volunteerism.