Here in Monterey County, inspiration comes naturally. With an unmatched setting, the natural landscape and design of the area is a force for inspiration and a heightened level of thinking, feeling and doing. 

Below is a sample itinerary on how you can infuse inspirational elements into your next group event or company outing. These activities are designed to create enriching and long lasting moments in work and at play. 

Meditate at the Beach

Sometimes the best ideas come when doing absolutely nothing. Take time to slow down from set agendas and day-to-day tasks to find inner peace with a guided meditation with experts from Monterey Bay Meditation Studios. Host a customized training at Carmel River State Beach where the ebbs and flows of the water will assist in meditating, connecting and reflecting which will open the mind to broader ideas and perspectives. 


Paint by Emotion

Tap into the right side of your attendees’ brains with a creative paint workshop from renowned artist Patricia Qualls. Her studio in charming Carmel Valley allows guests to be imaginative where there are no right or wrong answers. As a former psychologist, Patricia strongly believes in the freedom of expression and understands the importance of unblocking internal restraints in order to relinquish creative comparisons and competition. These powerful brush strokes are sure to help build company culture and inspire new ways of thinking. 

Patricia Quall's Contemporary Art Gallery

Play a Few Holes with a Side of Leadership 

Get out of the boardroom and onto the golf course! Join leadership facilitator Douglas Adams, Ph.D. at the Pebble Beach Golf Links where political leaders, CEOs and celebrities have all teed off. Throughout the golf game Dr. Adams infuses his coaching abilities and approach to organizing businesses and organizations as a system, much like a sports team. His tailored sessions use behavioral science to help individuals make better decisions which will leave employees and teams reaching their highest potential, making for a long lasting ROI. 

View from The Bench of the 18th hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links

Mix it Up, Wine Country Style

Teams are bound to feel unified and successful after crafting their very own wine blend. The Wine Experience on Cannery Row allows colleagues to rub shoulders and create a customized memento using Monterey County wines. Teams are able to come together in a playful environment using the bounty from local vineyards to create a rewarding (and delicious) trophy. 

The Wine Experience