When you are planning your next event, who you gonna call? The Monterey County CVB’s Regional Sales Executives! Learn what makes Monterey County one of the most inspirational destinations in the world from one of our talented Regional Sales Executives. With skilled executives across the country there is a friendly face to guide you through the array of diverse meeting options the area has to offer. 

Lauren Siring

Senior Regional Sales Executive, Monterey, CA

Lauren’s hospitality career started in December 1997 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Monterey, currently the Portola Hotel & Spa. She likes to jokingly say, “I was so unaware of this field prior to my employment at the hotel, that I thought it had something to do with hospitals!” Since then, Lauren and the industry have both flourished. Fast forward a few years later, Lauren joined the Monterey County CVB in 2007, making that nearly 11 and a half years now! When asked why she loves doing what she does she replied, “Being an ambassador of our diverse county is rewarding personally because I get to bring value to my community with business that positively impacts a large population of our residents.  Being a match-maker between clients and stakeholders brings me joy when I can customize the MCCVB’s services that create win-win relationships.  I am fueled by establishing strong partnerships with my clients and colleagues and many have become great friends over the years.” Lastly, a quick fun fact about Lauren is that she was actually named after Lauren Bacall, a famous classic Hollywood cinema star.

Joe Marcy

Regional Sales Executive, Los Angeles, CA

Joe has been in the hospitality industry for over 10 years which has included stints at Starwood Hotels, other CVBs and has currently found his home at the MCCVB for the past 3 years.  Joe’s love of the industry and clients truly shines, “Our industry is about relationships and I’ve been fortunate enough to establish great relationships with remarkable people.” Throughout his years in the industry he’s had a lot of highlights, but one of his most recent was wrapping up his Presidency with the Southern California Chapter of Meeting Professionals International. Fun fact: During Joe’s term they put $30k back in reserves, increased membership 7% and won their first RISE award. Joe states, “It was one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences of my life.”

Aileen Laracuente

Regional Sales Executive, Chicago, IL

Aileen has been selling destinations for over 18 years, but has been in the hospitality industry for the last 25 years. Aileen is the newest team member, starting in November, but has taken a deep dive into what makes Monterey County so special.  When asked what she loved most about her job she replied, “I get to meet new people and tell them about a beautiful and diverse destination. It is all about the experience, about being in the moment and creating amazing memories. Everything I do has an impact on the community.” Even though Aileen has only been with the team for a short while she says, “It is a true honor to have been entrusted to represent Monterey County.” Lastly, a fun fact about Aileen is that she loves to cook. Right now she is learning to cook Moroccan dishes.

Wendy Norgren

Regional Sales Executive, Philadelphia, PA

Wendy joined the MCCVB team in October but has extensive industry experience under her belt, 12 years to be exact!  Wendy has worn many hats throughout her time in the hospitality industry, including Meeting Planner, Resort Sales Manager and now a Sales Executive with the MCCVB. When asked how she feels about joining the MCCVB she replied, “I'm delighted to join the incredible team at the MCCVB and bring clients to one of California’s most extraordinary meetings destinations. There are many clients who are looking for the kind of inspired experiences unique to Monterey County and I’m going to help them find them.” Lastly, a fun fact about Wendy is that even though she resides on the East Coast she has been enjoying coming to the Monterey Peninsula for quite some time now, since her in-laws are California residents.

Brandi Hardy

Regional Sales Executive, East Bay Area, CA

Brandi has been in the hospitality industry for over 16 years. Prior to joining the Monterey County CVB in October of 2017 she worked with other Destination Marketing Organizations including Visit California and Visit Oakland. When asked what she loves about her job she said, “I love what I do because I get the opportunity to share unique findings in a beautiful destination.” Lastly, a fun fact about Brandi is that she was born on her exact due date which also happens to be her father’s birthday.

The MCCVB has brought together incredible hospitality professionals that make up the Regional Sales Executive team. Every RSE brings something different to the team, but they all have many years of hospitality experience in common. If you’re looking for destination guidance or need the perfect unique venue, don’t forget who you gonna call!

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