Monterey County CVB Member Hub


Inspire the world to experience our extraordinary destination, responsibly.


Drive business growth through compelling marketing and targeted sales initiatives that maximize the benefits of tourism to our guests, members and community.


  • Accountability: We will be responsible for our results, actions and words.
  • Integrity: We will at all times be trustworthy and honest and do what we say we’re going to do.
  • Leadership: We will define our vision and advocate for it, allowing our guests and members to benefit from our destination marketing and business development initiatives.
  • Passionate: We will create success using passion about our profession and achieving results.
  • Strategic: Our plans will be an efficient and clearly defined roadmap to achieve the targeted goals of the organization.
  • Responsibility:  We will promote safe, responsible and respectful travel behavior to protect and preserve our destination and environment.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: MCCVB is committed to ensuring that all members of the organization feel welcome and have an equal opportunity to connect, belong, and grow.  We encourage everyone to contribute to the organization and the hospitality industry, advance their skill sets and careers, and to be comfortable and confident as their authentic selves.

Make the most of your



  1. Get to know us and network with other members at our quarterly orientations

  2. Participate in our Marketing and Sales co-ops

  3. Check out our destination research and reports

  4. Attend our meetings and events

  5. Update your listing on our website

  6. Submit deals and events

  7.  Follow us on social

  8. Amplify your message and get involved with our content marketing programs

  9. Participate in media FAMs

10. Let us know what you think!   We want to hear from you so let us know if there’s something different we can do to promote your business.