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We hope you have been taking advantage of your MCCVB membership benefits. Please take a minute to tell us how we're doing and what you find of greatest value. If you simply would like to submit comments regarding membership, please E-mail Us.

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Access to Extranet, Collateral in Visitors Center, Jurisdiction FAMs, Meet a Member, Online Events Calendar

Inclusion in Flash Your Badge Program, Participation in Group Sales FAMs and Site Visits, Participation in Sales Co-ops, Partner Referrals, Sales Leads Distribution, Service Requests

Media Opportunities, Participation in Marketing Co-ops, Social media promotion/amplification, Website Listing(s) w/photos and a link to business

Member Communications

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Member Satisfaction

Please check the box for statements you agree with regarding member satisfaction. Your candid comments and suggestions for improving services are also very welcome. If you would like us to follow up regarding comments submitted please include your contact information.

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