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Key Stats

  • 150 million travelers research information on the web, shifting the knowledge powerbase to the consumer.
  • 85% of consumers trust recommendations from other consumers, only 36% of retailers use it.
  • People who visit DMO sites are some of the most active when it comes to engaging in online social media, both in posting (32%) and reading (57%) travel reviews.
  • Facilitate purchase decisions with info that travelers will otherwise go elsewhere to find.

How it Works

  • Reviews can feature overall rating, number of reviews, review snippets or full details, as well as "TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice" award icons.
  • Reviews are updated daily and pre-screened by TripAdvisor’s staff and technology.
  • Members can tag critical reviews and respond to consumers.
  • Negative reviews are not able to be suppressed, but members can opt out of the integration.

Competitors Leveraging Traveler Reviews

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  • Do I have to signup for reviews to be displayed on my listing?

        Yes, this is an optional feature we are releasing for members interested in adding consumer reviews to their listing.

  • Is there an additional cost to participate?

        No, this feature is included as a member benefit.

  • Can I suppress a specific review from being displayed on my listing?

        No, in order to keep the integrity of consumer feedback a specific review can not be eliminated from your listing. You can however flag the review as critical and respond to the consumer. And, you can opt out of the listings on and

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