Travel Alerts for Monterey County

Road Conditions

Updated: 9:55 a.m. PST, Friday, May 17, 2024

Access to northern Big Sur:  

As of today, visitors are able to access northern Big Sur hotels, restaurants and businesses. This portion of Highway 1 that was closed by the Rocky Creek slip-out in Northern Big Sur is open and accessible with the use of a 24/7 traffic light providing public access with one-way alternating traffic in both the north and southbound direction. Please account for short delays in travel time.  

Please note, all Big Sur State Parks are open with restrictions. Find more information on the California State Parks website

Access to southern Big Sur:

Access to the southern part of Big Sur, including Treebones Resort and Gorda Springs Resort, is currently available via Highway 1 coming north through San Luis Obispo County. Due to slides along Highway 1, access from the northern part of Big Sur to southern Big Sur via Highway 1 is not open at this time. 

For real-time updates and official resources, please follow Caltrans District 5 on X(Twitter)

If you're visiting Monterey County and your plans are impacted by weather, use the See Monterey app to find alternative hotels, restaurants and activities.  

Before you go, contact your hotel, restaurant or tour provider for more information and to confirm hours of operation. Please be respectful, patient and kind to all involved in your travels to Big Sur, as these hardworking teams are doing their best to make sure you have a great experience in their community. 

Park Closures

Updated: 9:30 a.m. PST, Friday, May 17, 2024

Please note, all Big Sur State Parks are open with restrictions. Find more information on the California State Parks website and refer to individual countystate and national park websites for the latest updates and trail closures.

Wildfire Information

Wildfires predominantly occur in remote, forested areas away from population centers. It is important to follow all laws regarding open fires, camp only in designated areas, dispose of cigarettes properly and put out all fires in designated areas. Travelers should also have an emergency plan and follow any evacuation orders.  


Travel Responsibly

As our destination welcomes visitors to enjoy our county, we ask that travelers visit responsibly and follow safety precautions, as outlined by health care officials. Please practice the following guidelines: 

  • Stay home: If you show signs of illness, stay home. Follow CDC guidance for safe travel.
  • Leave no trace behind: Properly dispose of all trash and plastics. Help us keep Monterey County beautiful for generations to come.
  • Camp responsibly: Camp only at designated campsites to avoid damaging vegetation, causing potential wildfires or camping on private property. Illegal camping is prohibited. 
  • Have a plan: Have a back-up plan in case the area you're looking to visit is overcrowded, fully booked or parking areas are full. Explore lesser-known areas and try to avoid times popular areas are in high use. 
  • Respect the destination and others: Monterey County is home to an amazing diversity of indigenous plants and animals. Leave natural objects as you find them, keep your distance from wildlife and be respectful of others so that everyone can enjoy our scenic destination.

Local/Regional Resources

For additional questions, please reach out to