MST Trolley

Look for the electric trolley which provides a quiet, smooth and pollution-free ride, powered by WAVE (Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification). Departs every 10 - 15 minutes!


May 28 – June 29   10am – 7pm   daily
June 30 – September 3   10am – 7pm   Sunday – Friday
    10am – 8pm   Saturdays
Weekends after Labor Day
until Memorial Day Weekend
  10am – 7pm   Weekends
Martin Luther King Day   10am – 7pm    
Presidents Day   10am – 7pm    
Memorial Day   10am – 7pm    
Independence Day   10am – 7pm    
Labor Day   10am – 7pm    

*The Trolley is only scheduled to operate on the holidays listed above.


Look for our wirelessly-charged all-electric trolley vehicle!

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