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Things to Know From the CEO

I am honored to share such wonderful news with you. On September 26th, our Board of Directors decided that the Visitors Center will continue to operate and promote our members and destination from the center's long-standing location at Lake El Estero.  The participation of the community was so inspiring and reflective of our deep sense of community.  We hope that you continue to take part in future discussions.
In addition to keeping to old traditions, we are also creating new ones!  Monterey County is now listed on the GDS-Index of Sustainable Destinations.  This recognition has historically included mostly European nations with the addition of only of three U.S. cities this year.  Of the three U.S. Destinations, Monterey County leads the way in sustainable initiatives and practices. See the full ranking here.
Last but not least, our first Quarterly Forum of the year was a great success. It was so nice to see so many of you there! Our friends at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca educated the hospitality industry on the best practices for when the races are in town to help inspire wonderful experiences for everyone. Special thank you to our hosts Quail Lodge & Golf Club for the beautiful venue and spread, and big thanks to Galante Vineyards and Dawn's Dream Winery for the amazing wine!
We appreciate and value you tremendously and look forward to another great quarter!


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Through the Sustainable Moments initiative, the MCCVB is able to develop and implement programs that educate visitors on safety, local ordinances, environmental stewardship, and responsible tourism. Responsible travel minimizes negative impacts and preserves the cultural and natural resources of the destination while providing a great source of economic impact that benefits the community. 
The Sustainable Moments Collective, a partnership with Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey Regional Waste Management District, Monterey Regional Stormwater Management Program, Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, Monterey-Salinas Transit and Communities for Sustainable Monterey County, recently created Sustainable Moments collateral that is available for free to all local businesses.  The collateral consists of table tents, menu inserts, check-in inserts and window clings. 
The collateral delivers messages such as: “Say “no” to single use plastics (especially plastic straws) and help us lead the charge towards a plastic-free ocean”, ”Protect our Monterey Bay and waterways by disposing of trash, recyclables, compost, cigarette butts, and pet waste in proper receptacles”,  and “Stay on designated trails, leave nature where you find it and respect private property.”  Orders may be placed by clicking here or sending an email to: marketing@seemonterey.com.

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Around the Globe with David Cater

MCCVB’s Tour and Travel team worked closely with wholesalers, domestic receptive operators and international outbound tour operators to fill shoulder seasons and need periods for the destination. Primary activities included participating in B2B travel tradeshows, conducting overseas sales missions and hosting FAMs for agents and tour operators to experience Monterey firsthand prioritizing markets in China, Canada and Mexico.

The MCCVB team directly engaged with 947 travel trade buyers as well as travel media through various sales activities and the California Star online training which incorporates elements of the Sustainable Moments initiative to help educate visitors on how to travel responsibly.

Research with

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Research at the MCCVB is engaged in finding new ways of attracting valuable travelers to visit Monterey County. The valuable traveler for Monterey County is someone who will respect our culture, values, and preserve our beautiful landscape as well as enjoy the many offerings our county provides. This prompted the creation of our Sustainable Moments initiative and a greater focus on the eco-conscious traveler.

The MCCVB looked further into sustainable travel and found that Booking.com produces the global Sustainable Travel Report which indicates that the large majority of global travelers (87%) state that they want to travel sustainably and nearly four in ten (39%) confirm that they are able to do so. Insights such as these inform our Sustainable Moments and Sustainable Collective initiatives which are aimed at benefiting our residents and attracting valuable travelers to Monterey County. 

Marzetti's Member Mentions

A huge "Thank You!" to the members that have renewed their membership for another year.  We truly value your support and partnership!
We'd also like to say, "Welcome!" our newest members:
We look forward to promoting your businesses and growing our relationships!                 

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