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Bixby Bridge

Hwy One, Big Sur, CA 93923

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This bridge is arguably the most iconic spot in Central California. It's featured in the film "Play Misty For Me" as well as numerous automobile commercials, it's the subject of a song by Death Cab for Cutie and as of this year, it even has its own postage stamp.

Most visitors stop in the pull-off on the west side of Highway One just north of the bridge to capture their take-home Bixby Bridge shot, but local photographer Michael Troutman of DMT Imaging says there's a much better spot. The Old Coast Road, a well-maintained dirt road that forks off from Highway One just north of the highway, "has a very dramatic view looking back toward Bixby Bridge," he said.

For that perfect Bixby Bridge shot, visitors only need to drive a half-mile down, but Troutman says there's many more great photo opportunities along the rest of the Old Coast Road, which reconnects with Highway One 10.5 miles south at Andrew Molera State Park. It goes "through a redwood forest, over the tops of hills with sweeping views of the ocean and through wonderful wilderness areas," Troutman said excitedly. "My wife and I saw a lynx when we were last there, very close to us, and I managed to photograph it," he added.

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