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Where to stay in Monterey County? From historic mansions turned bed-and-breakfasts to luxe resorts, charming inns and lodges, budget-friendly motels, and rustic campgrounds, there are so many great hotels for every style of traveler. No matter where you plan to stay, book directly with the hotel to ensure you are getting the best rate, the best experience, the most availability and flexibility for your stay, and the opportunity to support a local business. Find hotels by location and amenities and book direct using the search function below. 

Want to positively impact our local community with every hotel booking made?  Learn more about our partnership with Kind Traveler's Give + Get hotel booking platform and how you can support the important work of Rancho Cielo Youth Campus.

Looking for special offers for your stay, plus ways to save on unique Monterey County experiences? Explore current deals and promotions and let the adventure begin!

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