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In addition to being the “Salad Bowl Capital of the World” Salinas is celebrated for being the home of the Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize novelist, John Steinbeck, as well as the site of the Salinas California Rodeo and the California International Airshow. While visiting Salinas…


Learn About John Steinbeck – While visiting Salinas there are a couple of opportunities to learn more about the famous novelist, John Steinbeck and his life and career. After touring the National Steinbeck Center, stop into his childhood home to enjoy lunch at the Steinbeck House. 

Experience the Salinas City Center – Once known as “Old Town Salinas” the main street that is the core of town and holds so much history is full of dining and shopping experiences as well as the National Steinbeck Center. While exploring South Main Street please be mindful of the area and don’t touch the vegetation or leave anything behind. Keeping this area clean and nice for visitors is a priority of Salinas and we appreciate your help. 

Explore Fort Ord – This former United States Army Post is open to the public and is a National Monument. With several scenic (and some difficult) trails this National Monument is a favorite for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. There are several entrances to the park with parking lots, public restrooms and trash bins available. While exploring Fort Ord, pay close attention to signs and fenced off areas.  It is important to stick to marked trails to avoid damaging sensitive areas as well as entering areas deemed hazardous.


Text & Drive – One of the most common roads to take in and out of Salinas is scenic Highway 68. Please drive this 2-lane picturesque highway defensively. Buckle up and stay aware of both the wildlife and other drivers. Also, be prepared to share the road with the bicyclists that travel the highway regularly. 

Start Fires – California is experiencing a serious drought. Because of this we ask that you please be mindful of our beautiful golden hillsides. Please do not dispose of cigarettes outside and please refrain from starting any type of fire (fireworks included) while visiting Salinas’ rural areas such as Toro Park and Fort Ord. 

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