Get To Know Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove, Monterey’s neighbor, has been dubbed “America’s Last Hometown” and “Butterfly Town U.S.A.” but is mostly referred to as PG by the locals. This charming town is located on the very tip of the Monterey Peninsula and offers visitors plenty to do and see.  While you are visiting Pacific Grove…


Enjoy The Public Parks – There are several public parks throughout Pacific Grove including Lovers Point, the most popular spot in PG for seashore activities including kayaking, body boarding and scuba diving.  Locals looking to picnic with a view frequently visit the beach and lawn area at Lovers Point. If you decide to eat al fresco at Lovers Point, we simply ask that you clean up when you are done and place everything in the provided recycling and trash bins so the area will be ready for the next visitor.

Use The Public Restrooms – There are three restrooms open to public use in Pacific Grove.  Lovers Point Park, Crespi Pond (near the golf course along Ocean View Boulevard) and behind City Hall on the Corner of Forest & Laurel. 

Stay on Paths - Follow paths and avoid walking on our local flora and fauna to allow our natural vegetation to thrive.  


Touch The Butterflies – The Monarch Butterfly is a treasured piece of Pacific Grove history. The community has always welcomed the butterflies that arrive by the abundance in the fall and stay through winter.  Pacific Grove advocates for their protection and there are fines for any harm done to the Monarch Butterfly community. If you would like to learn more about the Monarch or see some while visiting PG, check out the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

Ignore The Tide – There are several tide pools and rocks to explore in Pacific Grove. While we understand wanting to discover these areas, remember to keep an eye out for any signage prohibiting such activity as well as the water levels. When the tide is high, it can be dangerous to be out on any rocks. 

Litter - We appreciate it when you put your trash, recyclables and other waste in designated receptacles. Thank you for helping us to keep our beaches, parks, sidewalks and other open spaces debris free.

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