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Offset Your Travel to Monterey

Traveling to Monterey to enjoy all the natural beauty here is easy, but no matter which mode of transportation you use – plane, train or automobile – it creates extra carbon emissions. We are now offering an opportunity to offset those emissions through a local, award-winning non-profit, The Offset Project.

The Offset Project works with area businesses and special events to establish sustainable policies and implement best practices in environmental stewardship. Through their carbon calculator they aim to raise money to implement meaningful greenhouse gas reduction projects in the Monterey Bay community, providing educational and employment opportunities for local students and professionals and creating economic and environmental benefits to the entire region. Click here to learn more about The Offset Project.

Offset Your Trip Now!

Monterey: A Sustainable Destination

Monterey County is working hard to make our communities the very best places to live; to support healthy lifestyles, create jobs and surround ourselves with a healthy environment. The following are just some of the green initiatives and highlights of Monterey County sustainability: 

  •  There are 13 weekly farmers markets as well as numerous fresh fruit and vegetable stands throughout Monterey County.
  • Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is the largest sanctuary out of 13 in the nation and is home to the largest submarine canyon off the coast of North America (equivalent to the size of the Grand Canyon). The National Marine Sanctuary System promotes environmental protection, stewardship and ocean research.
  • Over 90 businesses in Monterey County are certified by the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program. Click here for a list of our members.
  • Two cities in Monterey County, Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea, are registered with Tree City USA
  • There is a county-wide ban on polystyrene and on thin-film carryout bags at grocery and other retail stores.
  • The County has a Municipal Climate Action Plan with a goal to reduce emissions to 15% below 2005 levels. The plan takes into consideration building energy, vehicle fleet, employee commute, public lighting, government-generated waste and water.
  • Monterey County is the epicenter of the sustainable seafood movement. The Monterey Bay Aquarium's peer-reviewed Seafood Watch program was a pioneering effort in linking dining behavior to ocean health.

Standard Operating Procedures

In our office, we are committed to conserving resources and preserving our environment which is why sustainable office practices are becoming standard operating procedures:

Promoting Green Members - We support and promote our members that embrace environmentally friendly policies to have your business. You can find a listing of all our green certified members here.

Energy Conservation – It’s our policy to procure equipment and fixtures that are energy efficient, conserving usage whenever possible.

Dishes in the break room – We use dishes rather than using paper plates and foam cups during breaks.

Recycling – We recycle all paper, plastics and other recyclable materials, including all computers, batteries, and other e-waste.

Reduction of waste – Employees are encouraged to only print when necessary and to print double-sided. We reuse and repurpose office, shipping and other supplies when possible.

Carbon Offset Calculator - In conjunction with The Offset Project, the carbon offset calculator is available so visitors can assess the carbon that will be emitted by traveling to Monterey and purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that will go towards a local solar project to offset the negative effects of those emissions.

Green Meetings

For group travel, the expectation to be sustainable is higher as planners more often have “green” on the mind when considering destinations and venues. More than just recycling, planners are considering factors such as venues that have environmental policies that range from energy and water conservation programs to community food donations. Monterey has a reputation for sustainability and MCCVB’s Sales Team can assist planners in organizing a green meeting by connecting them to a wealth of local resources. For more information on our green meeting services click here.

With "green" being normal to the next generation...Green is here for good!

- Hospitality Marketing/CVENT blog Feb 2013


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