Bixby Bridge

Located on scenic Highway 1, approximately 18 miles south of Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea, is the infamous Bixby Bridge in Big Sur. The iconic architectural landmark was completed in 1932 and remains as one of the tallest single-span concrete bridges in the world, spanning 714 feet in length.

Although iconic, it’s one of the places to be most aware and responsible when traveling in Monterey County – check out our Sustainable Moments. Safety is the top priority when enjoying Highway 1, so it’s very important to only park in legal, designated areas. It’s also important to respect other drivers and residences along the highway and the overall environment. Help preserve the magic of Big Sur by following all guidelines, leaving no trace and treating the community with care. Click here for more Big Sur travel tips. Vow to be a responsible traveler and take the Big Sur Pledge

Dos and Don'ts for Traveling on Bixby Bridge


  • Drive carefully and always wear a seatbelt! You never know what hazard you may come across.
  • Keep your eyes on the road — if you want to enjoy the scenery, please use designated turn-outs only if there is room to do so.
  • Maintain your speed and abide by the posted speed limit which is 55 MPH unless otherwise posted. Slower traffic should pull over.
  • When pulling over, avoid quick stops on the unpaved turn-outs and shoulders.
  • Watch for touring bicyclists.
  • Leave the driving to someone else. The Monterey Salinas Transit bus (line 22) runs daily between Monterey and Big Sur Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.


  • Don't pull off and park on private property or in undesignated areas. If a pullout is full, continue driving until the next pull off with an available designated parking space. Ensure that your vehicle is completely off of the roadway.
  • Don't set up camp on the roadside. Roadside camping is prohibited along Highway 1. Illegal campers in the area will be cited $1000.
  • Don't treat the side of the road like a restroom. Public restrooms are scarce along Highway 1, so plan your pit stop in Monterey or Carmel beforehand. Restrooms at California State Parks within Big Sur are also open to the public. Click here for a list of public restrooms in the Big Sur area. 
  • Don’t use drones illegally. Motorized aerial vehicles are not allowed along Highway 1, over the ocean or within Big Sur, as they may harm local wildlife and are distracting to drivers. Click here for more information about drone usage and permitting in Monterey County.

Visit the Big Sur Visitor Guide and Love, Big Sur websites for more travel tips. 

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