Monterey Music Festivals

Discover your next favorite band and let the beat move you in Monterey County. Come for one of our annual music festivals celebrating every genre, from reggae to classical. You’ll also find live music every day of the week across Monterey's nightlife hotspots and karaoke nights that offer you a chance to become the star. 

Featured Music Festivals

Throughout the year, Monterey County plays host to a variety of festivals taking residency throughout iconic venues, from the Sunset Center to the Golden State Theatre and the Monterey County Fair and Event Center. Beyond music, these festivals offer food and drinks, art vendors and more.     

Live Music & Karaoke

Beyond the festival buzz, Monterey’s local spots host live music every week. Catch talented bands and soloists across our bars, restaurants and performing arts venues. Not only can you enjoy live music, you can also get up on stage and take a turn at the mic on karaoke night. 

Curate your musical journey in Monterey County by filtering through music festivals and more below and plan for an unforgettable visit. You’ll also want to explore our main calendar of events overflowing with arts and culture happenings, food festivals, sports and community celebrations. 

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