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Marina is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise with various wind sports, surfing, and skydiving. When visiting Marina…


Head To The Beach – Because of the consistent wind at the Marina State Beach this area is popular for surfing, kite flying and hang gliding. This beach is also known for its spectacular sunsets, regular dolphin sightings and being adjacent to some of the tallest sand dunes in the area making it a popular location to enjoy a picnic. Due to the high winds, we ask you to keep an eye on your trash and make sure it makes it into the trashcans instead of blowing off into the bay. 

Wear Layers – The weather can change quickly in Marina. One second you may be sunbathing and the next you may be sitting in a misty fog. Come prepared and wear layers. 


Venture off the Trails – The local sand dunes are not only tall and exciting to look at but they also provide a natural habitat to the local wildlife and many zones are protected. Please be aware of the wildlife and the native plants growing nearby when playing on the sand dunes and in the surrounding areas. Respect any signs and regulations that are posted and stay off trails or out of areas that are closed for habitation or other reasons. 

Forget Your Binoculars – Especially if you enjoy birding. There are 27 bird species regularly seen at the Marina Dunes Preserve, and nearby at Locke-Paddon Community Park. Enjoy the wildlife through the lens of your binoculars and snap as many pictures as you please, but do not disturb the natural habitat or daily routines of the wildlife in their home environments. 

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