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Located in the middle of the Monterey Bay Coastline, Moss Landing is a quaint fishing village full of history and endless activities. While you are visiting Moss Landing…


Appreciate the Wildlife – From whale watching to bird watching, Moss Landing has plenty to see. The Elkhorn Slough Safari is just one way to enjoy all of the wildlife without disturbing the various habitats. The safari is an opportunity to learn something new about California’s largest wetlands and what naturalists are currently doing to preserve it. 

Play in the Ocean – While visiting Moss Landing there are plenty of water sports to partake in, such as surfing, kayaking, hydrobikes and sport fishing. If you plan to fish while visiting this historic fishing village, please be sure to check out The California Department of Fish & Game before your trip and follow the rules and regulations posted at the beaches and piers.  

Have a Picnic on the Beach – Moss Landing State Beach is a local’s favorite picnic location because the dunes block the afternoon winds. All we ask is that everything you bring in is recycled, thrown away at the beach, or taken with you. Nothing gets left behind for the wildlife to mistake for food or a toy. 


Don't Touch – Moss Landing has a variety of wildlife and natural beauty. We know it can be tempting to want to pet and pick but please resist. Help us preserve this irreplaceable habitat and only take home your irreplaceable pictures and memories. 

Don't Bring Your Dog – Dogs are not permitted in many areas of Moss Landing and the temperatures can rise quickly here in the car, so please leave your furry friends at home when you visit.

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