Big Sur, California

Big Sur is a majestic stretch of rocky cliffs, lush mountains, panoramic beaches, and coastal redwood forests (plus the Big Sur River) located off the famous Pacific Coast Highway. Outdoor adventure is abundant with epic hiking trailspicturesque camping and breathtaking historic & state parks to be explored. Learn how to travel responsibly in Big Sur.

Popular Things to Do

Top-rated attractions in Big Sur are unquestionably found outdoors, starting with the journey itself along scenic Highway 1 and leading to unmatched scenic beauty.

Beaches and Parks

There’s no better way to experience Big Sur's beauty than by hiking the many State Parks and National Forests. Travelers should expect to hike to reach Big Sur beaches. 


Big Sur events underscore the extraordinary magic of this coastal region.  Experience the runners high of your life by participating in the Big Sur International Marathon (April) on the most beautiful–and challenging–coastline in the world. For food connoisseur and wine lovers, the Big Sur Food & Wine (November) celebrates a distinguished culinary scene paired with remarkable views.


Responsible Travel

Help preserve the magic of Big Sur by following these responsible travel guidelines:

  • LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND: Pack in, pack. Dispose of all trash and plastics properly.
  • CAMP ONLY IN DESIGNATED AREAS: The fine for illegal camping is $1,000. The prohibition includes camping along the scenic stretch of Highway 1 that passes through Big Sur.
  • FOLLOW FIRE SAFETY: Remember that campfires, barbecues, and open fires are not allowed except in developed campgrounds.
  • RESPECT WILDLIFE: Stay on designated trails at all times and off of local flora and fauna. Be safe around animals by keeping a distance of at least 25 yards. 

Visit the Community Association of Big Sur website for more responsible travel tips.


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