Client Testimonials

Meeting planners from the Monterey County CVB's Customer Advisory Board discuss the inspirational benefits of hosting a meeting in Monterey, CA and the Monterey Conference Center.

The organizers of the TEDWomen 2015 Conference discuss why they chose Monterey as their host venue and their excitement for the renovation of the Monterey Conference Center.

A meeting planner from LinkedIn tells her story of why Monterey and the Monterey Conference Center where the perfect fit for a motivational global sales training.

MB, National Association - "I’ve been telling everyone how lovely Monterey is…it was really helpful to see the city and know what it has to offer."

MC, Corporate - "I can't remember a moment I spent in Monterey that I didn't enjoy the experience."

TT, Corporate - "You certainly have a wonderful place to live, work and play."

National Corporate - "Each of your locations is very impressive, the people are very personable, and most of all, you are all a lot of fun; something we all look for in our events."

FA, Military Branch - "I know I'm not the most important person in the world but right now I sure feel like it...thank you!"

JM - "Hotels, tours, activities, restaurants and scenery was absolutely incredible!"

BP, National Corporate - "You and your team did an excellent job reinforcing the beauty, ease of travel and location." 

RW, International Conference - "Amazed at team effort of CVB & Monterey Conference Center."

SR, National Association - "The meeting went incredibly well and we can't say enough how much we appreciate the help from all of you - you made everyone feel very welcome in Monterey and showcased the city so well!"

MP -  "Monterey County is my new Napa Valley."

WS, Pacific Coast Association - "Many thanks for your kindness and hospitality during our visit to Monterey. We accomplished all of the goals of our visit. Both Doug and I were most impressed by your professionalism and competence."