Locke-Paddon Community Park

The 17-acre Locke-Paddon Community Park in Marina holds a series of freshwater vernal ponds, which provide homes to a range of avian wildlife. Locke-Paddon Community Park is also the northern point of the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, a recreation trail that leads 29 miles south to Pebble Beach.

Day Use

Locke-Paddon Community Park has a pleasant picnic area, as well as easy walking paths with interpretive signs describing the natural features of the area. A floating walkway goes across the water. Workout stations around Locke-Paddon Community Park provide excellent opportunities for exercise.


Locke-Paddon Community Park is a great spot for birders. Grebes, coots, mallards, warblers, sparrows and blackbirds are prevalent here, but many other bird species frequent the area, especially in winter and spring. The Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District has spotted over 138 bird species at Locke-Paddon Community Park.

Map and Directions

Take Highway 1 to the Reservation Road exit. Take Reservation Road east for 0.4 miles. Please note: Reservation Road takes a sharp right-hand turn about 350 yards from the highway.

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