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Planning a visit for a travel story? We can help! See Monterey coordinates press trips for qualified members of the press who are on assignment.  Please note that arrangements are provided at the discretion of See Monterey and its partner businesses and are subject to availability.


In order to best serve you, we ask that the following guidelines be followed when requesting FAM trips:

  • Complete the online FAM Request Form (found below).  
  • Contact See Monterey at least six weeks in advance, for a successful visit.
  • If less than six week notice is given, we will attempt to assist in every way we can.
  • Midweek visits are encouraged and for best results, schedule your trip to take place before or after summer.

Didn't Hear Back?

We are currently experiencing sporadic issues with our request form. If you have not heard back from a member of our team within 3 business days of submission please email

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