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It's On in Monterey County
The MCCVB winter campaign and sweepstakes launched today and will run through the end of February. The campaign will entice visitation by reminding audiences that it's always on-season in Monterey.
Fall Sweepstakes Sweep Records
MCCVB's Fall Speed Ahead! campaign has set a new record with a whopping 140,627 sweepstakes entries. That's an increase of 134% over past sweepstakes. Make the most of our seasonal campaigns by
Track Your Client Engagement on
MCCVB members have long been able to submit their events for posting on Now, you can keep track of how many people viewed and clicked to learn more about your event by logging in to
Join Us in Driving Sustainable Business
Thank you to our partners for your continued commitment to promoting our beautiful destination. Based on member feedback and in keeping with our Sustainable Moments initiative, the MCCVB will
MCCVB Fall Campaign at Full Steam
The MCCVB's latest campaign, Fall Speed Ahead!, kicked off this month with an exciting sweepstakes to win an all-inclusive trip to our amazing destination during one of its most beautiful seasons. The
Marketing Communications Infograph
Event amplification of the Monterey Car Week landing page on was No. 1 in page views for the month, an increase of 73% from the previous year, and media coverage reached 602,623
New Media, New Perspective, New Visitors
The MCCVB has produced new marketing videos offering a unique way to entice potential visitors. Each video provides an interactive, 360-degree experience unique to our beautiful destination. Videos
The MCCVB Exceeds Social Engagements Goal
The MCCVB Marketing and Communications team is bringing your business into the future! As the marketing world moves toward measuring engagement, the MCCVB has been working to ensure no member is left