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Navigating Car Week 2017
Monterey Car Week 2017 is upon us and we wanted to ensure your staff members and guests are well equipped to enjoy the festivities and minimize delays. Check out the interactive map on
Monterey in the Media in July
Results from the MCCVB group FAM tour to Big Sur have been pouring in. Check out one beautifully illustrated article on, Visiting Big Sur After the Landslide? Here’s What to Know Before Your
Promoting Sustainable Moments
The MCCVB issued a press release on August 3, encouraging visitors to Create Unforgettable Sustainable Moments in Monterey County as part of the organizations commitment to the Sustainable Moments
Making History and Securing the Future
MCCVB President and CEO Tammy Blount has been installed as the new chair of DMAI, which is rebranding itself as Destinations International (DI). Tammy will only be the fifth woman to chair the
Monterey in the Media in June
The MCCVB-organized interview in which the effects of the most recent landslide were clarified to let visitors know that Big Sur is accessible and welcoming guests was published in The New York Times .
Monterey in the Media in May
The MCCVB hosted Modern Luxury on a FAM tour designed to highlight the destination’s top attractions for sensory indulgence. The initial article, East of Eden , was published in Modern Luxury Orange
You Heard It Here: Big Sur IS Open
The MCCVB's Welcome Back to Big Sur campaign is well underway, and we are pleased to share the resulting coverage. Today's New York Times article provides an update on the businesses and scenic
MCCVB Savings Put Toward Big Sur Recovery Campaign
At their last meeting, the MCCVB Board of Directors approved $100,000 to market Big Sur from funds that became available through negotiated savings in Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017. These funds will go
Festival Season Underway in Monterey
Canadian Traveller kicked off the season with a rundown titled 7 Monterey Festivals to Headline Your Summer . Read the full article and mark your calendars with what’s yet to come, including the 50 th
Monterey in the Media in April
Our gorgeous destination made headlines all month long, as per usual. Check out some of the top hits below. The Toronto Star's weekender, The Saturday Star, dispatched a journalist from one of