Planning a trip to Monterey County? Don’t be “that guy”. We’ve all seen him (or her). The person taking a selfie in the middle of the road or the woman peering just a little too close over the edge of a scenic cliff: Travel. Fail!

Enjoy our natural beauty and endless activities and be safe. Here’s your handy cheat sheet to help avoid a #TravelFail on your next adventure.

Wearing stilettos while wine tasting

Pairing your favorite leopard stilettos with a jammy Pinot Noir may seem like a good idea until it’s time to walk to the next tasting room. It’s all fun and games until someone gets a twisted ankle, buzz-killing the rest of the evening. Not only is it a flight risk, but it’s also illegal in cobblestone laden Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Risking your life to get the perfect selfie

Don’t be the brunt of the next viral #fail post. While getting an iconic shot of the coastline is sure to score you some “likes” a broken leg from falling off a cliff is not.

Treating the side of the road like a litter box

Live like a local and travel through our incredible destination with care. You certainly wouldn’t want someone coming into your home with fast food wrappers and waste now would you?

Going rogue and not adhering to the beaten path

You’re not Bear Grylls so don’t act like him. Stick to the trails and adhere to signage. Nothing is more embarrassing than being rescued by a search crew.

Irritating our local mascots

Not only do we love calling this place our home but so do a ton of adorable animals. Leave our furry friends at bay without startling them. This means not kidnapping baby seals, invading sea otters’ comfort zones or molesting Monarch Butterflies; no really there is a law against it in Pacific Grove.

Rolling around in poison oak

Nature comes with all sorts of surprises including an abundance of poison oak. Mind the trails and avoid tromping through shady looking plants. A good rule of thumb, “Leaves of three, let them be.

Starting illegal fires

Ending on a serious note, the biggest concern during the dry season are wildfires. Be sure to extinguish fires when you leave and dispose of cigarettes in an ashtray. Please roast your smores and cozy up to that someone special in legal designated fire pits only.

Wander wisely and get more tips on how to be prepared, make the most of your trip, and travel responsibly and sustainably. Explore more at