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Boxing Strong

2700 Garden Rd, Monterey, CA 93940

We are sharing our outdoor space with First City Crossfit & ask that you make a reservation in order to help up protect others by following COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions!

Adult Boxing: Tue & Thur 6-7PM & Youth Boxing: Thur 4PM, Sat 12PM

Boxing has become America’s most popular fitness workout - and now, Boxing Strong® has come to Monterey! Learn proper boxing technique and combinations through rapid boxing rounds that will re-shape your entire body, revitalize your mind, and fortify your spirit. This high intensity, interval-training is excellent conditioning for all sports that include explosive force, rotational movement, and coordination. It is an energizing and exhilarating way to sculpt your entire body and develop agility, strength, and power. We offer Group Classes, Private Training, Corporate Events and Skill Building Workshops. All training formats cover authentic boxing fundamentals. Whatever your goals, Boxing Strong® offers a variety of training options at your pace and level of intensity. We aim for progress, not perfection, and we will build around you a determined, motivated, and committed team.

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