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Carmel Honey Company

Carmel Plaza Shopping Center, Carmel, CA 93922

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Carmel Honey Company provides pure, raw honey - straight from the hive. Starting as a 5th grade homework assignment, owner Jake Reisdorf, designed a website about honey bees, became fascinated with them and is now keeping bees through out the Monterey Peninsula. Visit our website to find the perfect wedding favor or corporate gift that is both unique and healthy. We provide hive placement services and have multiple apiaries on residential and commercial properties. Do your part to save the environment by sponsoring a hive and bring back the honey bee. And if you're interested in a truly unforgettable corporate bonding experience, contact us about a honey bee hive tour. But what Jake enjoys most is sharing his honey and honey bee knowledge. A custom presentation, by Jake, with a honey tasting flight can be created to meet your budget, timeline and location requirements. Learn more at:

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