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Seabold Cellars

3 Pilot Rd, Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Our definition of a great vineyard is a sustainably-farmed plot of land which requires little-to-no influence from the winemaker to produce structurally-balanced, delicious wines with unique and distinct personalities.

Seabold Cellars focuses on vineyards in the Monterey Bay area. This region has immense potential owing to geographic, geological, and climatic factors. Less than 100 yards offshore, the Blue Grand Canyon - at 60 miles long and 2 miles deep - is one of the world’s largest and deepest marine trenches. Its 300 cubic miles of frigid waters fuel the cold Salinas wind that moderates temperatures throughout all of Monterey County. As the wind funnels through the Gabilan and Santa Lucia Ranges, it creates a Thermal Rainbow - a large scale temperature gradation drawn through the length of the Salinas Valley.

These are a few of the dedicated growers with which we are fortunate enough to work in showcasing their dedication to the land.

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