Put yourself in this scene...

It’s morning, and you’re at Asilomar Beach. Since arriving, the morning has been cloudy, mysteriously beautiful. You’ve done some gentle stretching while gazing at the waves, and now you’re seated on a blanket on the sand. You feel a slight chill on your cheeks as you snuggle into your fleece jacket. Your body is supported by the soft sand, and the sound of the waves comes to you as you hear the voice of the facilitator leading a guided meditation. 

Following her guidance, you shift your attention through each of your senses: feeling the energy in your body, smelling the scents of sea air and seaweed, tasting a hint of salt on your lips, hearing seagulls calling. 

When she invites you to open your eyes, you suddenly see the sun breaking through the clouds, feel warm rays on your face.

Here it is: a moment of 'Awe.'

Monterey Bay Meditation

All About 'Awe'

Dacher Keltner, a premier scientist of 'Awe,' describes this experience as one of the “foundational passions that drive human culture.” Research shows that 'Awe' comes from:

  • Beauty and vastness of the natural world
  • Inspirational and noble people
  • Contemplative and spiritual practice
  • Artistic and creative expression

It’s no wonder that your beach meditation has lead you to this moment of 'Awe,' this feeling of bliss, gratitude, and wonder that just might stick with you all day. This morning has ticked off three of the primary sources of 'Awe' because— did I mention it? You are surrounded by colleagues. This experience was offered as a special part of your meeting on the Monterey Peninsula. 

Experiencing Awe Together

When the meditation has finished, the facilitator asks you to share about what you experienced, and as you hear others speaking, you can tell that they felt it, too, that sense of 'Awe.' You have a feeling that this morning together has brought you a little closer to your colleagues, that you can relate to them in a way that includes and yet goes beyond the professional. 

A meeting or a conference in Monterey County is bound to lead you in the direction of 'Awe Moments' if you bring along your curiosity, willingness to try something new, and mindfulness of where you are, who you are, and who you’re with. Experiencing 'Awe Moments' with your colleagues will have you more refreshed and connected, inviting creativity and collaboration that goes far beyond the everyday.

At Your Service

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