Team building programs are great to create unity within a team – when these programs are both fun and involve wine, they also create “moments” “maxims” and “memories”!  Bring your group to Monterey County and plan a wine-focused team building experience with LadySomm, a wine edutainment and experience company located in Carmel-By-The-Sea.

The BUILD IT program gives your team the unique challenge of creating their own wineries. Local Monterey County wines are served to all team members while they are working on their projects! Groups are divided into smaller teams who each create a winery, with members of the team running the marketing, sales and winemaking departments.

  • The marketing team is tasked with coming up with a winery name, logo and advertising jingle or skit (which needs to include all members of the team). 
  • The sales department has to diagram out on a three panel board their sales strategy detailing if the wine being produced will compete against the fun, mass produced wines or the elite, expensive ones.
  • The winemaking team gets to create a wine blend with the notes and percentages from three wines provided.

Teams are given 45-minutes to complete their tasks. When time is called, each team is given five minutes to present their creations from the jingles to the strategy to the wine before a panel of “American Idol” style judges as well as the rest of the group.  The judges’ votes are quickly tallied and corkdork medals are awarded.

Let LadySomm help you create unity for your team using creativity, laughter and, of course, wine!  Contact for a quote today.