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Responsible Travel

We're All In This Together

As we work towards recovering our tourism economy, let's work together to encourage safe and responsible travel by encouraging everyone to abide by the safety guidelines recommended from local, state and national health authorities, including:

  • Wear a Mask: face coverings are mandatory indoors and outdoors. Fines are in effect. Follow CDC guidelines
  • Follow the 6-foot rule: stay at least 6 feet apart at all times. This includes time spent on trails, at parks and other outdoors spaces.
  • Stay home: if you show signs of illness, stay home. Self-quarantine for at least two weeks if you have been in a high-risk area.
  • Leave no trace behind: Properly dispose of all trash and plastics, including face coverings. Help us keep Monterey County beautiful for generations to come.

Tools & Resources

In an effort to educate, unite and align Monterey County businesses during COVID-19 recovery, we've created tools and resources to help our local businesses promote responsible travel.

Responsible Travel Signage

MCCVB has created signage in partnership with the City of Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea as well as others, to ensure the message is prominent in our community. Click the links below to download signage for your business.

MCCVB Art             


City of Monterey Signage 

City of Monterey Art


City of Carmel Signage

Carmel Responsible Travel Signage


Monterey County Signage

County English Art


FY20-21 Social Media Toolkit - Initial Recovery

MCCVB's Social Media toolkit is designed to help local businesses in the initial recovery stage of COVID-19. The toolkit provides messages and graphics to ensure current, mindful and effective messaging and to assist with the creation of social posts and materials. Click here to view and download.

Social Media Training Workshops

Social media training workshops are underway to educate local businesses on how to promote the destination during recovery emphasizing responsible travel. Check back for upcoming dates and times.