The Moment Where Time Stands Still

The Moment When Everything Else Disappears

The Moment That's Meant To Be Savored

The Moment You Enter A New World

The Moment When Life Gets More Colorful

The Moment When Your Horizons Expand

The Moment When A Story Is Made


The Moment cove blue 

Plan the Perfect Fall Getaway on California's Central Coast

When was the last time you had 99 miles of breathtaking coastline to explore? Or wandered ancient redwood forests? Or found yourself at the heart of historic California drinking local wine and radiating nothing but happiness? With epic outdoor activities and endless opportunities to dine, shop, play and reconnect, Monterey County is a place for good friends to have great times. Get out, find an adventure, and embrace your awe-struck side. Discover why now is the moment to visit the swoon-worthy central coast.

So Much To See & Do

Discover world-class attractions, epic outdoor adventure and a distinguished food & drink scene.


Travel Responsibly

Help keep Monterey County wild and wonderful.


Responsible travel reduces negative impacts to the destination, supports our local businesses and communities, and preserves the cultural and natural resources of what is loved most about our destination. Be a responsible traveler by:

  • Camping at designated campgrounds and no illegal campfires

  • Staying on trails and off of local flora and fauna at all times

  • Leaving no trace behind

Learn more sustainable travel practices here.

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