Monarch Grove Butterfly Sanctuary, Pacific Grove

Monarch Grove Butterfly Sanctuary, Pacific Grove

Butterfly Parade & Bazaar

October 3, 2015

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Pacific Grove celebrates its heritage every October with the Butterfly Parade and Bazaar. On Saturday, the Butterfly Parade and accompanying Butterfly Bazaar celebrate the return of the Monarch Butterfly to Pacific Grove.

The Butterfly Parade

Pacific Grove's annual Butterfly Parade, a tradition that goes back almost three-quarters of a century, is held on the first Saturday of every October. The Butterfly Parade, as well as the Butterfly Bazaar that follows, celebrates the return of the Monarch butterfly to Pacific Grove, the beautiful insects' annual wintering stop. This parade, which first took place in 1939, attracts people from both near and far to view the adorable children in their cute costumes.

Traditionally, kindergarten children dress as butterflies, second graders dress as otters, third graders dress as farmers, fourth graders dress as pioneers, and fifth graders dress as clowns. The Butterfly Parade takes place on Saturday, October 4, 2014, beginning at 10:30am. The parade starts at the Robert H. Down School on Pine Avenue and will head down Fountain Avenue to Lighthouse Avenue, up 17th Street and concludes on Pine Avenue by returning to the school. A Butterfly Bazaar will follow after the parade.

For more information visit the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce or call 831-373-3304.
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