Meeting in Monterey, California is always a treat for your meetings and conference attendees. With views of the Monterey Bay at every turn, quaint coastal towns, and some of the world’s finest food and drink – there’s no better place to meet, than in Monterey! Inspire your guests even more, with unique Monterey Bay-themed team building experiences, individually tailored to your specific group’s mission, vision, and goals.

Take a peek at a few of our favorites here at the Portola Hotel & Spa!

Group Yoga

Our newly completed, on-site yoga studio is an ideal setting for relaxation, mediation, and focus. Plan a morning session to begin the day with a professional instructor. Nourish the mind, body, and spirit with a private class focused on relaxation, stretching, and clarity. When planning, work with the instructor regarding the level of difficulty, as well as length of the class.

Alternative Idea: Group Kayaking Excursion or Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Plan a Sandcastle Building Contest

Come up with a fun theme, perhaps linked to your brand or theme of your event and let the building begin! Give each of your teams the same number of tools in their “kit” (shovels, buckets, brushes, molds, etc.) and let their imagination’s go wild! With plenty of local beaches within walking distance to the Portola, not only will your guests enjoy the activity, but the views will not disappoint!

Alternative Idea: Group Bike Ride along the coastline or plan a themed Adult Scavenger Hunt

Plan a Group Beach Clean Up

Nothing brings a group together more than giving back for the greater good. Let our professionals work with you and a local non-profit like Save Our Shores and plan a beach clean-up at one of our nearby beaches. Set group goals for the amount of trash or items picked up. Tally up your collection at the end of the experience and see how every little bit, makes a huge impact in protecting our beaches and saving the ocean.

Alternative Idea: Plan a green-themed cocktail party or dinner, focused on sustainable seafood and locally sourced ingredients, designed and narrated by one of our Portola Hotel & Spa Chefs.

Let the Planning Begin

Our team of meetings and event professionals are here to help and make your vision into reality. To learn more visit