Many a trip continues long after movement in time and space have ceased.
- John Steinbeck

When our clients come along for a Segway tour, they think they’re just having fun. In reality, they’re sharing in the wonder of our Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

They may be learning about native plants and creatures who live here. Or they could be seeing a familiar area in a whole new way. One thing is for sure, the natural beauty of the Monterey and Pacific Grove areas will stay with them long after their Segway glide.

The personal engagement with nature during a Segway Tour can inspire people to protect and help preserve our special destination. How do we know this? They tell us. We know from helping thousands of people, visitors and locals alike, see our local ecosystems in an up-close and personal way--a way which allows them to smell the ocean air, feel the bay breezes on their skin, and experience wide open vistas.

Cruise on Cannery Row during a Segway Tour Monterey

One of our guides Ayla, a Marine Biology student at CSUMB, expresses it this way:

"We have an amazing opportunity being so close to the largest ocean in the world. Even better, those of us lucky enough to live here or visit often, can build a personal relationship with Monterey Bay. We can see a variety of marine life with our naked eyes during the Segway tours. Dolphins, whales, sea lions, harbor seals and cormorants are a few examples of the marine life you’re likely to see on any of our tours."

Why Segways?

While gliding along the Coastal Trail on my personal Segway, it became apparent that the experience would be more fun and more meaningful if shared with others. Goals of Sustainable Tourism are to diversify tourism offerings while maintaining the natural environment and  protecting habitat for native species. Segways, being eco-friendly, seemed perfect!

A Segway i2 can travel 18-24 miles on a single charge of the lithium ion batteries, depending on the terrain, weight of the rider, and traveling speed. There are no CO2 emissions while riding a Segway so you can enjoy guilt free exploration.  

A Tourism Fix?

During a busy weekend our streets are congested with fossil-fuel driven vehicles.  Segways offer an alternative to traditional polluting vehicles as a way to enjoy our area.

The California Vehicle Code classifies Segways as a Personal Assistive Mobility Device (pedestrian), allowing riders access to areas some can no longer reach by foot or other means. Many visitors voice how appreciative they are to be included in tourism offerings. This inclusiveness and increased accessibility are socially responsible and add to our sense of community.

We try, at Segway Tours Monterey, to foster conservation and eco-awareness by helping others engage with nature. By raising awareness of our special region, we help build a sustainable future. And it’s all done with fun!

"In order for us to preserve our picturesque destination for generations to come, we must all – businesses, communities and visitors – play a part in creating a sustainable region and future." -Rob O'Keefe, MCCVB Chief Marketing Officer

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